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Choosing a Trusted Funeral and Cremation Provider in Willoughby Hills, OH

How To Choose A Funeral Home?

In the face of death, families are sometimes unsure whom they can trust with the care of their fallen loved one. It can be difficult to know which funeral and cremation service provider in Willoughby Hills, OH will be able to best meet the needs of the family and the wishes of the deceased. With several funeral providers to choose from, how should you choose?

Here at Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home, we recommend you do some homework to find out a few details about each provider you are considering to hire. Here are the top things you should review as you do your research for your funeral planning and grief resources:

Pricing:  The law requires all funeral homes to create and maintain a general price list of their goods and services. As a potential customer, you should request a copy as part of your research. Every funeral and cremation provider in Willoughby Hills, OH will be slightly different in their offered pricing. Some will be more competitive in one service than another. This can help you save a little money, depending on the service and specialty of a given funeral provider.

Services:  All funeral homes will provide a wide variety of funeral care services. However, not all of them have access to everything that a customer may request. A good example of this is the cremation process. Some providers will have an on-site crematory that is why they have cheaper cremation costs, while other providers will need to contract this service out to a third party. This can affect pricing and timelines for the cremated remains.

Building & Facilities: A funeral home is designed with a few different purposes in mind. First, it is a place where the mortal remains of the deceased can receive afterlife care, including embalmment, dress and makeup, storage, and cremation if offered. Second, the funeral home can serve as a gathering place for viewings, funerals, or memorials. These services may be different for every family and will require various uses of the facility. Some families will want to make use of the chapel where they are sending flowers to the fallen one. Others may need a kitchen and banquet area for a family luncheon or refreshments.

Location: Ideally, the funeral home should be located in a place that is convenient for the local community of the deceased’s family and friends. This is especially important if any gathering will occur on-site, such as a viewing or funeral services.

Experience:  The funeral care team that will be handling the care and proceedings of a funeral service can meet the needs of the general population. However, they may not be familiar with the nuances of every culture and faith tradition, or the variations therein. You will want to find out if the funeral team has ever handled a funeral like the one you are requesting to hold. Experience also matters when it comes to any unique preferences that you may have.

Personalized Services: Funerals and memorials are a chance for family and friends to gather and say their last goodbyes to their loved one. It is vitally important to those who are grieving that the funeral service is customized to reflect the life and character of the deceased. Without this personal touch, a funeral service loses real purpose and meaning for those who have come to pay their respects. Be sure the funeral service company you are considering to hire makes funeral personalization a priority.

Compatible Care:  If you are experiencing a heightened state of emotion, you may find your interaction with the funeral director and staff may be affected. It’s important to observe how they work with you. Are they caring and thoughtful? Do they listen well and offer possible solutions? Do you feel they are a good fit to provide for the funeral service you wish to hold?

Experience the Difference: Quality Funeral and Cremation Care in Willoughby Hills, OH

Every individual is unique, as is every family they were a part of. As your family begins to plan for the care of your deceased loved one, we sincerely hope your family will find the support needed at this difficult time. If we can be of service to you or your family, we will be honored with your trust and will provide you with high-quality care. You can plan ahead your funeral planning and grief resources so that you can carefully choose your desired services in the funeral industry. Your loved one deserves to be remembered and laid to rest appropriately and thoughtfully.

Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home is a local funeral and cremation service provider in Willoughby Hills, OH. Our caring team of funeral care professionals have been serving the families of this community for many years, and hope to continue for many more. It is a great privilege to be trusted by the families of this area. If your family needs support or guidance at this time, please come and see us at 29550 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH 44092. You can also call us at (440) 943-2466 for a conversation about how we can serve you.

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